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Experience superior relief from sprains and strains at Middlesex Spine & Sport Clinic.

A sprain or strain can significantly hinder your daily activities and active lifestyle. At Middlesex Spine & Sport Clinic, we provide specialized, comprehensive treatments to aid your swift recovery and help you regain your vitality. Our seasoned practitioners adopt a holistic approach, combining various therapies to expedite healing, enhance mobility, and improve your overall quality of life.

A Closer Look at Sprains and Strains

Understanding the nature of your injury is the first step towards effective treatment. Despite often being confused with each other, sprains and strains denote two distinct types of injuries.

Your Treatment Journey

At Middlesex Spine & Sport Clinic, our proficient team is committed to offering effective, individualized treatment plans for sprains and strains. We incorporate a range of therapeutic modalities to alleviate discomfort, speed up the healing process, enhance mobility, and reduce the risk of future injuries.

Comprehensive Care for a Wide Range of Conditions

From injury and pain management to post-surgery rehabilitation, we’ve got you covered.

  • Sports Injuries
  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Post-Surgery Rehab
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Joint Pain
  • Strains and Sprains
  • Musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation
  • Motor vehicle injuries
  • Chronic injury management
  • Jaw pain
  • Injury prevention
  • Shoulder pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Poor posture
  • And many others!

Sprains and Strains Treatment Middlesex FAQs

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While they may sound similar, sprains and strains refer to injuries to different tissues. A sprain involves an injury to a ligament, the fibrous tissue connecting two bones. A strain, on the other hand, refers to an injury to a muscle or tendon, the tissue that links muscles to bones.

The recovery timeline for sprains and strains can vary based on several factors, including the severity of the injury, your overall health, and your adherence to the treatment plan. While minor injuries might heal in a few weeks, severe sprains and strains can take several months. Our team will provide you with an estimated recovery timeline based on your specific situation.

While it’s not possible to prevent all sprains and strains, several strategies can reduce your risk. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, using proper equipment, and warming up before engaging in physical activities can help prevent these common injuries.

Immediately after a sprain or strain, applying an ice pack can help reduce inflammation and numb the pain. You should avoid heat in the first 48-72 hours following injury as it may increase swelling. After the inflammation subsides, gentle heat application can help ease stiffness.

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