Kandie-Rae Brown

RRCO Reflexologist


I have worked in the Fitness and Health Industry for over 3 decades (30+ years). I am a group fitness instructor, certified 200 hour Yoga Instructor and RRCO certified Reflexologist. Currently I am a Fitness and Recreation Manager at a Retirement Community in London, Ontario. My passion for Holistic Health lead me to become a Reflexologist. Trained in Reflexology for the feet and hands I am able to offer a non invasive form of therapy based on the theory that there are reflexes in the hands, ears and feet related to the internal glands, organs and body parts. These reflexes mirror the body’s internal glands, organs and body parts. Through application of pressure on these reflexes Reflexology can improve circulation, release tension and congestion throughout the entire body. Over time promoting natural healing of ones body.

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