Why a BASELINE Test?

Concussions can produce a wide array of symptoms, which poses a challenge for coaches, trainers, parents and health professionals involved in the care of an injured athlete. The time-course for recovery also varies widely from athlete to athlete, making it impossible to employ a “cookie-cutter” approach to concussion rehabilitation and return-to-play timelines.

Currently, there is no reliable diagnostic test or marker that can be used to identify a concussion when it’s occurred, or conversely, when it’s resolved.

For this reason, a growing emphasis has been placed on objective baseline testing protocols that can be used to track an athlete’s recovery and serve as a tangible measurement for return-to-play readiness. By measuring an athlete’s “normal” level of functioning, we are better able to gauge the level of impairment that may exist post-injury by performing comparative testing.

We use ImPACT at baseline to assess neurocognitive function (memory, reaction time, processing speed, etc.). We also assess certain areas of physical performance such as balance.

For more information, visit www.shiftconcussion.ca and www.impacttest.com

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